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Posted October 31, 2013:

We have a blog!

Hello, Film Lovers,

Thanks to the generous efforts of Nancy, North County Film Club now has an offical blog. Visit our "Links" page to find it!

Posted May 21, 2013:

2013 Summer-Fall Season Tickets

Hello, Film Lovers,

A new season of fantastic foreign and independent films begins this July!

There are some important changes in purchasing tickets for The North County Film Club series films. Most important, The North County Film Club will not be selling film passes. Digiplex will be selling Ticket Books as well as single tickets through the box office only. Tickets will be available at the box office starting June 2, 2013.

No tickets will be sold through NCFC.


1. All ticket purchases will go through the Digiplex Box Office. Credit cards and cash will be accepted, but checks will not. You may purchase your tickets days or weeks before the showings to avoid long lines. NCFC will NOT be selling any tickets or passes to shows.

2. A book of 10 tickets can be purchased for just $45 at the box office. At $4.50 per ticket, thatís the best deal in the County! ∑ The box office will print out all ten tickets at the time of purchase and staple them together in a Ticket Book. ∑ Present the Ticket Book at the door before each film and the staff member will take the appropriate ticket(s) for the movie you will be viewing. ∑ Keep the Ticket Book in a safe place and bring it to all the NCFC films.

3. A book of 5 tickets may be purchased at the Box Office for $30 a book. ∑ It is important that you decide in advance which films to plan to attend since only the five tickets you choose will be printed out and stapled into a book. ∑ Present the Ticket Book at the door before each film and the staff member will take the appropriate ticket(s) for the movie you will be viewing. ∑ Keep the Ticket Book in a safe place and bring it to all the NCFC films.

4. Tickets for an individual NCFC film may be purchased at the box office. You do not need to be a member to buy a Ticket Book or an individual ticket. NCFC members may purchase a ticket at the box office for the reduced price of $7.00 for NCFC films only.

For further information contact Digiplex Mission Market Place at (760) 806-1790


NCFC at ncfilmclub@gmail.com

Posted January 13, 2013:

Finally, an update!

First, please allow me to apologize for the lack of timeliness in updating this site. Between the change in ownership of the theater, the resultant delays in getting our film schedule fixed, and my ongoing Internet connectivity issues, I have been unable to do anything at all here.

UltraStar has been bought out by Digiplex, who have promised to honor UltraStar's commitment to North County Film Club.

Our 2013 Winter-Spring season begins TODAY, Sunday, January 13 at 3:00 pm, with "The Way," starring Martin Sheen.

Our "Current Season" page has been updated with the dates for this season, and our film nominees, but I still don't know which of the films will be shown, and on which dates.

I am switching Internet service providers from AT&T (whose service has been horrible) to Cox Cable (who have a rather better reputation around here), but they will have to repair or replace the underground cable to our house before this can happen. In the meantime, our connection continues to be less than good.

More to come!

Posted June 23, 2012:

Important changes for this season!

Beginning this season, all films will start at 3:00 pm, rather than 4:00 pm as they have previously.

In order to avoid tax confusion, all checks for season passes must now be made payable to UltraStar. You may still mail them to North County Film Club, and we will be glad to pass them along to the theater.

Checks for NCFC memberships must be made payable to North County Film Club as before. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Posted June 23, 2012:

2012 Summer-Fall Season information is up!

Click the "Current Season" button on the menu to the left to see what's coming.

Posted December 18, 2011:

Bring more independent and foreign films to North County!

It has long been a goal of North County Film Club to bring fine independent and foreign films to North San Diego County. To achieve this goal, we must prove to film distributors that we have the audience to make this profitable to them. Here is what we will be sending out to those distributors:

We Want Independent Film!

We, the undersigned, wish to make known our interest in and dedication to smaller independent and foreign films that are usually consigned to a mere handful of "art house" theaters. Should such films be offered at more conventional movie theaters that are located closer to where we live and work, such as Ultrastarís Mission Marketplace 13 in Oceanside, California, we would buy tickets to see those films and encourage our friends, family, and neighbors to do so as well.

If you agree with this statement, please download this .PDF version of our petition, print it, sign it, and return it to North County Film Club.

Please share this petition with anyone you know in North San Diego County whom you think might be interested in bringing excellent independent and foreign films to North San Diego County.

Posted June 22, 2010:

This, the Web site of the North County Film Club, was launched, pending final approval of the Board. Feedback regarding the appearance and functionality of the site is always appreciated; please address any comments or concerns to the Webmaster, Mike Hungerford.

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